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Mild bloating, breast pain and/or a slight redness at the injection site may appear after hormone injection.

Nursing staff will demonstrate for self-injected at home.

At present, it doesn’t have much literature support that Chinese medicine and acupuncture help or effect on IVF treatment. But acupuncture can help to reduce stress during treatment.

We don’t recommend patients to have Chinese medicine together with the hormonal stimulation.

A referral letter isn’t required but needs to make an appointment in advance.

Egg quality decreased with age and there is no effective method for improvement. Early medical consultation is advised.

Our center uses the monitored anaesthetic care (MAC) for the egg collection and it isn’t painful during the procedure.

Counting from the first day of hormone injection to the transfer of embryo, it takes around 4 weeks.

At present, the successful rate for age under 35 is around 50%. For the age over 40 is around 10-20%. The success rate drops dramatically with age and early consultation is recommended.

Generally, there is no limitation for age or treatment cycles. Each patient needs a doctor's assessment before starting treatment. The risk of pregnancy increases with maternal age. Early medical consultation is recommended.